09 July 2011

Stuva Family: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

I cannot sing the praises of this family enough! There isn't enough time in the day or adjectives to describe them. But when I try, I come up with things like: love nest, hippie/bohemian/hipster chic, companionship, hands-on parents, peace and contentment, full of life, love and imagination bigger than the circumference of the earth :)

Megan and Ben are the BEST parents and I'm so blessed to witness how they teach Rowan and little Julian to love the world, love God and love people. They exude love, like it's just pouring out of them. How they look at their kids, each other and luckily for me, they look at my camera a lot (and quite well)!

This family enjoys the little things, the things that when we look back at our lives, the things we know we'll cherish. The dressup, the tutus, the bear snacks and the chubby baby boy lovin'. From the first second I laid eyes on Rowan when she was just over a year, I melted into a million pieces on the Patina floor. Watching her grow up into such a lovely little girl ... I am so blessed to have these kids and their parents in my life and to call them friends.

This is the Stuva Family and they are pure awesome.



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