About Me

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

Here's a little bit about my story ::

As an infant, my dear Mama rocked me to sleep, whispering "dream big, little one." Ever since that moment, I've been dreaming. Really really big. Every step of the journey, my family has been there to encourage, support and dream right along with me.

Like any kid, I imagined what life would look like at various stages. All of those dreams appeared a little foggy until I realized I had this set of eyes that saw things the rest of my family didn't. On family trips, I was taking photos of angles and light and lightbulbs and pavement instead of monuments and group shots and sunsets. But somehow, someway, they never balked or told me to stop shooting.

When I was eighteen, I started looking at soup cans differently. Instead of seeing those iconic Campbell's labels, I saw the red and white stand out from the aluminum just as I saw myself standing out from the regular high school crowd. So I stood them up in my driveway and shot two rolls of film for a college photography class. The project was due three days later. That's the thing about dreams. They never really show themselves until just the right time.

Suddenly, my dreams were clear and focused. I felt more like myself with a camera in my hands than I ever did on a basketball court, at an easel or seated at a piano. I did all of these things too, just ask my brother about the "b team" basketball years.

B team or not, I stepped foot in a darkroom in November 2004 and never looked back. My dreams became black and white, dark and light. Every time I developed a roll and called my Mama shrieking with excitement, I could hear her smile on the other end.

From 2004 to 2009, I dreamed one day to travel to the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport and study under Cig Harvey. To explore, to shoot, to grow. In July 2009, I stepped foot in Rockport and left seven days later a changed person. I was no longer a kid with a camera who took photos that sometimes worked out, sometimes didn't. I left a woman with a realized gigantic dream inside her with a plan to make things happen.

I realized this dream was a delicate and beautiful mixture of storytelling and images. Some real, some imagined. Instead of following a well drawn-out path, I'm letting Jesus lead the way. Sure, life doesn't look like what I imagined it would be when I was a kid. It's better.

My big huge dream came true on May 25, 2012 when I launched my business full-time. Instead of telling people I meet that I'm a part-time photographer, full-time insert boring day job title here, I have the honor of declaring my occupation as PHOTOGRAPHER! And I always say it with a beaming bright smile on my face because most days? I can't believe it's finally true.

These days? I'm still chasing my dreams, running miles upon miles every week, following my heart and loving Jesus, telling stories and laughing so hard I cry. [No really, it happens!]


Top 5 things that fire me up?
Jesus - His plan is far better than mine will ever be.
A kickin' pair of shoes - heels, cowboy boots, cute flats, you name it.
My family - the fab four + Farley is where it's at.
Movement - running, walking, biking. Two things that also fall into this category? Eating amazing, healthy food and drinking fabulous coffee and wine.
Team Syd - those people who cheer, encourage, support, ask the hard questions and make me grow.

The biggest thing?
LOVE :: In all shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you're a single lady looking for killer headshots, an engaged couple eager to begin planning your big day or a family anxiously awaiting your newest arrival, I can't wait to tell your story.


images of me courtesy of the fabulous Emily Steffen - you're the best, Em!