14 September 2012

Rae + Eric : Minneapolis Engagement Photography

I have a confession to make: I've been holding out on you guys. I've been holding these images hostage for quite some time and I'm sorry.

Now that we've got the apologies out of the way, here are #raeeric's engagement photos! Complete with the cutest dachshund ever, Herman the Great, and these two crazy talented and lovely people, I really couldn't ask for more. Styled to a T - I mean, who puts a bowtie on their dog? Rae does! - and ice cream included, I loved everything about this shoot.

But let's back up for a second to explain why I love these people. Rae and Eric have been together almost a decade and seen each other through loads of jump-for-joy moments and it's-all-going-to-be-okay moments. When meeting to discuss wedding plans, Rae told me that Eric is her baseline. The one who keeps her in check when she's a busy bee designing graphics, being half the awesomeness behind Mighty Swell Vintage and hosting parties. Likewise, I'm sure Rae brings a certain element of the same for Eric, who is in his own right, an overly talented gentleman who brings out the soft, romantic and adorable side of Rae. And to tie it all together is Herman. Who wouldn't smile looking at that oh-for-cute pup?!

Rae is the graphic designer behind my branding relaunch and honestly, I think ya'll are going to squeal just as I did when you see it. She's almost in love with love as much as I am - and it shows in this new look, coming soon to this website and the world! I can't wait for the reveal on October 1!

Come visit again on Monday to see their amazing wedding day! You seriously don't want to miss this! And this time? You're probably going to cry, laugh, do cartwheels about their images. Seriously. Bring your eyes, I'll bring the awesome.


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