21 July 2011

Chris + Maggie: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

I met Chris aka Christopher aka Twitterless Chris about six months ago when we both started jobs at the same company. He was professional, young, smart, funny, nice ... and VERY PATIENT. You see, Chris is the only guy in our group of five. But instead of shrugging off the girls, he started "lovingly" referring to us as "the sisters."

It was only a matter of time before "the sisters" met Maggie for our Friday lunch and we instantly fell in love with her -- so sweet and charming and dished it out just as well as we could! Plus, she tweets, loves fashion and celebrity gossip and has an amazing sense of style ... LOVE HER!

Chris + Maggie are definitely each other's perfect match. He's the ultimate gentleman and she the ultimate all-American girl; they "get" each other to a T. They're both probably the sweetest people you'll ever meet and down to earth. He knows just what gets her to smile and laugh, throwing her head back in a way that just makes everyone else start laughing too. Hilarious, kind-hearted and so in love -- they're a photographer's dream :)

Dating for 6+ years, Maggie's dream has been to do a four seasons photo shoot -- once I learned this, I wanted to know where to sign up! Four photoshoots with a couple who is so natural in front of the camera, joking, laughing, and being themselves AND they're game for my crazy ideas?! I love it!!

Since our friends Heat and Humidity were finally here to stay after a long winter and non-existent spring, we decided to style a little beachy shoot for the summer session. Chris + Maggie love being by the water, on the water and in the water at the lake "up north" so we decided to incorporate that along with some fun and bright summer apparel options. I had such a blast with these two, minus the walking backwards on the dock that wasn't as secure as I thought -- ha! They were great sports and I can't wait for our vintage-inspired classy summer session in a few weeks!



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