31 August 2011

Hannah: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

From the second I heard her introduce herself across the room, I was instantly jealous. Hannah Hitchcock... endless branding ideas, endless awesomeness! But as I soon found, this lovely lady is more than just her name. She is openness, honesty, beauty from the inside out and she shares a passion for all things gorgeous, DIY and soft sunset light :)

And the funny thing is, I had been praying for a friend like her for almost a year. I was done with school, out of the "photo niche" and just trying to make things happen for my business on my own. She was exactly what I needed: inspiration, a willingness to work hard and shoot more, motivation and most importantly, friendship. I love this girl - I mean, she laughs at my jokes. What more could I ask for?!

We had been trying to get together to shoot for the better part of the summer and finally, it happened! She shot me first, and those images can be found on the awesomeness that is hannahhitchcock.com. I adore every image she shot of me because they are REAL. She brings out the best in her subjects and makes you feel like you're the next America's Next Top Model. Like for real, just go audition straight from the shoot and you'll for sure make it ;)

The best part of shooting fellow photographers is that you allow each other to just do your thing. You trust the other person's judgement (they do possess the ability to make you look good or else you wouldn't be there, right?) and there's a freedom to be brave and honest found in those few hours that you really can't put into words. You can just be, which actually, is an even better gift than the photographs themselves.


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