17 July 2011

Anna: Minneapolis Senior Portrait Photographer

When Anna did some modeling for my senior portfolio a few years back, I was amazed from the first shot at how natural she is in front of a camera. Even when it was negative 30 degrees and I made her pretend to love hosting a tea party in the woods and kissing a ceramic frog, she was a beauty.

And now, two years later, she's about to begin her senior year of high school and the world is her stage. Literally and figuratively. She's an amazing actress, dancer, volleyball star, and most importantly, the most genuine girl you'll ever meet. This girl's going places, whether it's big city or small town, she will knock the socks off whoever she meets and whatever she ends up doing.

[I'm not saying all this just because she's my cousin, but seriously, this girl is one in a million. Well, a few in a million because she has an equally-awesome brother and sister and set of parents that will rock your world. But yeah, she's my cousin. How can you tell? Definitely not from our similarities in height or athletic ability but in that hilarious way we all laugh, throwing our heads back and smiling so big our eyes do this disappearing act that everyone marvels at :)]

Anna... I could go on for days about how adorable, beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, talented, stunning, amazing, gifted and sweet this girl is, but I'll let the photos do the talking.

Can't wait to do this again in a couple months!


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