17 July 2011

Brooke: Minneapolis Senior Portrait Photography

I met the Webber girls about four years ago when we started attending the same church and they were instantly welcoming. They, along with their parents, introduced us to fellow members and encouraged us to "join the family." Over the last few years, I've come to realize the Webbers have it all: they've got an all-star athlete, a theater queen and a really tough little sister in the family! Most importantly, these girls all have a servant's heart and are always willing to put others before themselves.

Since that time, I've photographed Brianna, Brittany and now Brooke for their senior portraits. There's no denying these girls are sisters but throughout the years, I've been honored to see their own personalities shine. Being the youngest, Brooke is by nature the toughest and as her mother loves to say, the sassiest :) She's an awesome athlete and a true beauty!

I've had the privilege of being involved in the senior high youth group at church and traveled to New Orleans last summer for the National Youth Gathering -- on that trip, I saw a transformation in Brooke, growing from a little sister to a confident, young lady :) Oh, and she's really really funny :)

We did these photos just in time - Brooke is about to cut off all that beautiful hair and donate it to Locks of Love!! What an awesome kickoff to her senior year - one where she'll spread her wings and instead of attending conventional high school, she's off to college for PSEO classes. After that, the sky's the limit, whether she decides to become a police officer or not :) You go girl!


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