40 Days Project

40 Days of Self Portraits: 2012 edition: http://sydneebickett40days2012.tumblr.com/

In 2010, a bad thing happened on Ash Wednesday and my only way to cope was to make a picture. I did this for 46 days of Lent and documented it here: http://sydneebickett40days.tumblr.com.

Two years have passed and much has changed. I have seen the woman God is creating me to be and I strive every day to live the life He calls me to live. I have grown, changed, been stretched thin and seen blessings multiply.

So here I am, in front of the camera again, asking God to reveal himself to me every day of this journey. In color, these self portraits may seem to glorify the self instead of my creator. But isn’t it true that every person’s journey to the cross is different? That’s the beauty of faith.

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