24 April 2012

Aaron + Emily + pugs at home : Minneapolis/ St. Paul lifestyle photography

I knew of Ms. Emily through a friend from college (Hi Devin!) and at the time, she was just starting to grow her business. I peeked on her blog frequently and was constantly telling myself, "I have GOT to meet this girl!" But there I was, I graduated from college, went onto photography school and upon graduation, needed someone who desperately "got" this delicate marriage of creating images that mean something and growing a business. My feet were barely wet in the wedding industry but I knew there was this huge dream inside me - and Emily was one of the first people to see that in me. Even better? She told me to continue to grow that dream and every day, take steps to making it a reality. From our first initial meeting at a coffee shop to me second shooting for her when her assistant was pregnant (Hi Katie!) to now, I am so blessed to call Emily a dear friend. I'm so very proud of her - she's making waves all over the Midwest, on both coasts, shooting destination weddings, sewing up a storm and making her dreams happen.

So there's another part of Emily that's crucial to this story: her husband Aaron. Pastor at heart, student at night, husband all around. This guy is so incredibly supportive of Emily and her dream - and here they are, every day living their dreams together in Hudson with two adorable pugs named Edward and Gwen.

And the best part? These two are expecting a little baby Steffen in June! When I found out Emily was expecting, I attempted numerous cartwheels. But even if my attempts were more like round-offs, I was elated - the two coolest people on the planet with the biggest hearts and they're growing their family? yes!

I volunteered to shoot the Steffens' maternity photos and they said YES! I could barely sleep the night before the session, I was that pumped. I traveled to Hudson for a morning I won't soon forget - it's such a true gift when my clients let me into their homes to document their love in the most honest and true way. We decided to do a lifestyle session of the two of them doing what they do best: loving on each other, the pugs and Emily knitting... and eating ice cream. If you are ever at a loss for a flavor decision, call Emily - she's got all the details and typically, it's chocolate with peanut butter or candy or chocolate anything. I knew there was a reason why I loved her so much :)

Can't wait for June, baby Steffen. You're the luckiest kid on the planet because you've got two parents who cannot wait to meet you, love you and watch you grow. You're probably going to be really super smart and a big dreamer. I am so excited to meet the next generation of Steffen dreamers in just a few short weeks!



  1. Awe Syd! :) We will treasure these for YEARS! :) Thank you thank you for such a fabulous set of photos and a fabulous morning together! :)