17 November 2011

Hildebrandt Family : Minneapolis Portrait Photography

Okay, so I'll admit right off the bat that these photos weren't taken in Mpls; they were taken in New Ulm, Minnesota, home of some pretty intense town pride, the Schell Brewery and a few of my favorite family members of all time. They can fill you in on the trivia and tidbits, if you wish :) Mama Shawn will even take you for a wild tour of the town - be sure to buckle up!

They've been patient in waiting for these photos and I am fairly certain they are worth the wait - the perfect blend of comedic and precious moments - the ones that Mama Shawn loves to frame all over her wonderful home. I was both shocked and proud to see all the photos I took of the kids a couple years ago hanging in the family room. Talk about full-on supporting this little business of mine!

Larry, Shawn, Brittany, Trevor and Anna: the five of you are absolutely fabulous and perfect subjects. I am so honored to give you these images and be a part of your lives. Even though we're family, it's about more than just blood lines. It's about the way you cherish each other, the way our eyes disappear when we smile even just a bit, the way laughter and jokes are endless when we're around each other... know you are loved and I look forward to many more "Christmas card photo sessions!"

So... here are your images and enjoy your moment of fame, Britt ;)

Trevor is just pure awesome: whatever he touches turns to gold, whether it's acting, science, writing, sports... he's definitely a jack of all trades. And even though he's the brother, he adores those sisters of his! :)

Brittany and I grew up playing Barbies together, wearing matching spandex bike shorts (and baby brothers at the same time too!) and oversized tie-dye teddy bear t-shirts, complete with a best friends forever set of jewelry. Time, distance and life separated us for a while and about 4 years ago, we reunited and have been inseparable ever since. She's my constant running companion, email buddy and bestie for life.

Anna may be the "COA" (center of attention) at times, but it's much-deserving: this girl was just recruited for the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire volleyball team! You go girl!

Larry and Shawn? The love they have for each other and these kids is undeniable. It's truly such a blessing to be around them.

 My Mom and I joke that these girls could be in hair commercials. Here's the proof:


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