18 October 2011

Anna, part two: Minneapolis Senior Portrait Photography

September 11th, 2011 found me in New Ulm, Minnesota surrounded by family and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Sure, we reminisced about where we were when our country changed forever, but actually, we spent more time smiling and cherishing the time we spent just being together. And actually, I think that's the best way we could have remembered.

I promised you a part two of this lovely lady's senior photos and here they are! Anna is so fabulous - I know I've said it before and you're probably tired of hearing/reading me say it, but it's true. She's such a bright light in her family and seriously, this girl is going places. I am so honored to document this time in her life and more honored to call her my cousin :)

And the volleyball photos? No photoshop work there, folks. It's all Anna. She IS the captain of her high school team, after all!



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