21 January 2012

family of three: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

I met Brandi back in 2008 when I was an almost-college-graduate and was interviewing for my first big girl job at a local gift boutique. Super nervous and almost unable to walk in my high heels, I think I impressed her because I got the job - and thus began a long stint together in the dark cold (or humid, depending on the season) basement, working hard on product photography and copy and making the magic happen, Internet-style.

We bonded over a love of photography, good cheese, the Current and self-taught Photoshop skills and for three years, we chatted day in and day out. About a month before I left that job for another big girl job, she spilled the beans: her and Clettis were expecting a little peanut! I *almost* took back my resignation but B promised we would stay in touch.

Over Starbucks dates and Turtle Bread lunches, we swapped corporate stories and gabbed about how exciting this new little guy's entrance would be - I couldn't wait to meet him! July 26 came and little Cannon was born! YAY! After meeting the little guy, I demanded that B & C let me photograph their new family... and once fall arrived and the leaves started changing, we set the date.

The coolest part of this shoot? Not only their coordinated outfits but the collaboration that happened on both sides of the camera. Being photographers themselves, B & C told me what their hopes for these images and I just stood back, letting them be them and feeling so grateful they let me do my thing. The result? A few of my favorite images of all time. I didn't realize this until just now, but all this images are so close and tight - just like the bond between these three. The look on Clettis's face in the first image gets me every time - "omg, we made this adorable argyle-sweater-wearing kid!"

Knowing B all those years ago and being as attached-at-the-hip as one could be with their "boss lady," I am so proud of this Mama. She and Clettis are the most doting yet laid-back parents little C could have - he is one of the calmest kiddos I've ever seen. So content and just soaking in the world around him (except when it's cold and windy like at the end of our shoot!) - I can't wait to see this little family grow.


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