30 January 2012

Alice + Sasha: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

Being a member of a church means a lot more than just keeping the seats warm; a successful and thriving congregation invests time in their members. This blog is not meant to be a billboard for my church, but rather me saying "hey, I wouldn't have met these two people YOU'RE about to meet if I wasn't a member of this awesome church." And seriously, it really is awesome.

Ever since I saw Alice at church one Sunday about four years ago, I wanted to get to know her (is that weird to say? Ha!). She is an uber successful lawyer, exudes confidence and personality and that shoe collection? Swoon. Girl after my own heart. Fast forward four years and her faith and her family was challenged in a way that words can't even begin to express. My heart went out to her and something inside me prodded me, saying okay, now's the time. So I reached out to her and I asked her if she and her fabulous daughter Sasha would let me capture a minute of their lives. With fingers crossed, I was so happy to be met with a resounding "YES!" Dream. come. true.

We chose the Lake Harriet Rose Garden, which holds special meaning for Alice and Sasha and our little fabulous pink princess had her own ideas of what was to transpire there. I don't think I've ever exercised so much while taking photos before :) She sure gave me a run for my money but it was so worth it. Sasha is a spitfire with a heart of gold. So sweet and kind and really, she loves to laugh and wear pink and a crown (at all times) and most likely, some dress up shoes. She loves collecting rocks and wearing headbands and running. Lots and lots of running. Oh and she likes it best when you chase her!

These images represent the promise of hope, the sunshine after the storm and all of those things - but most importantly, they showcase this amazing, joyous love between a Mama and her Sasha.

I hope they bring you as much smiles and laughter as they have brought to me, Alice + Sasha. They serve as a good reminder that sometimes, your day will get a little bit better if you take the time to twirl. Or wear a crown. Or jump :)


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