22 January 2012

Anna: Minneapolis Portrait Photography

I met Anna in college and even then, she was changing the world. Always thinking, always laughing, always challenging those around her to think outside our little Lutheran college campus. Really, looking back, I always admired that about her. And still do!

Anna contacted me because she needed head shots for her career as a marriage and family therapist - this girl is GOING PLACES! No but really, a bachelor's degree in 2007, a master's degree in 2011 and now a doctorate? Wow. One smart cookie, that's for sure :) This session is proof that head shots don't have to be in a gloomy studio with a couple of bright lights and a power suit. They are the first thing people see about you, whether online or in a medical journal or a powerpoint or a book. Why not make them portray exactly who you are? Obviously we took the standard shots, but the funny ones? Love those just as much.

You guys should check out her blog; I seriously got goosebumps reading this latest entry. Follow her on Twitter too (and hey! That's an image from our shoot! Sweeet!) Our generation and those that come after us will be so much better because of people like Anna. Or should I call you "almost" Dr. B? :)


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