22 August 2012

Lindsay : Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography

I met Lindsay Lewis one year ago, when I began volunteering with the Liz Logelin Foundation. Lindsay is the Executive Director and she is the perfect person for the job. She is efficient, hard working, professional and fun - I think that ultimately, I wish I could be as cool as Lindsay. I mean, really. Our bond was secured over a mutual love of design, Diane Arbus, photography, literature and top knots. When you see the rest of this session, you'll agree. That "it" factor? This girl's got it.

We began this session with Lindsay's adorable new pup Georgia and Georgia's "aunt" Emmy - those photos are coming soon! I couldn't give away all the cuteness in one blog post :) After letting the ladies have their spotlight, it was time for Lindsay to don her amazing wardrobe. In our emails back and forth, Lindsay said she wasn't sure if what she had chosen for clothing would work well together. Once she started pulling out options from bags and the back of her car, it took my breath away! Helloooo fashionista! Colored skinny pants, amazing sweaters and blazers, maxi dresses, killer shoes and a top knot to boot! I was in heaven. 

My first love? Photographing my beautiful clients. But my second favorite part of this job? Working with my clients to help style the perfect session - to make their personalities and comfort levels shine! Advice to future clients? Take all your favorite pieces and amp it up. You won't regret it - you'll feel fabulous and confident and the camera loves when you do :)

Lindsay: thank you for choosing me to capture your new "headshots." The foundation's website is going to get at least a million hits a day once your favorite image hits the "about us" page! You're stunning and fabulous - a total inspiration to me and everyone who comes into contact with you and the LLF. Your apartment? My dreams come true all in one place. Nobody I know can carry a red lipstick and matching nails like you!


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  1. These are so lovely! I love the color separated books, corded iphone, that rug, and miss Lewis's accessories. Beauty in the details! thanks for sharing :-)