01 July 2012

Balloons and Tea Parties : Minneapolis/ St. Paul Family Photography

This adorable family has appeared on the blog before and trust me, they just keep getting cuter. Emilia + Olivia are are growing into the most adorable blonde haired beauties. And their personalities? Also adorable, sweet and just a touch of sass :) Sugar and spice and everything nice, right?!

We spent a morning at a park I frequented as a kiddo about their age and it was comforting and familiar to be back. I used to swing on the swings and dream about what my life would be, who I would be. I'd race down the hill in the winter, feeling the cold breeze in my lungs and just loving on life.

But this time, I was a grown up and building a business that was about to grow wings and fly for real. Couple these emotions with the fact that Emilia is now five and I've had the privilege and blessing to watch her grow from a baby in her Mama's belly to now off and running to kindergarten. And Olivia? I was there the day she was born. (cue waterworks here)

I love that about my group of "lifers" - the select few I've had the opportunity to watch grow from teeny tiny humans into big kids who are making waves wherever they go. From those first smiles I captured until now, they've sort of really captured my heart too.

We hosted a tea party, ran around with a huge bunch of balloons and licked the best lollipops two girls could ask for that morning. Spending time with this family, whether I'm holding a camera or not, is really one of those moments I look back on often and just smile. These four are living proof of what life is all about : loving on each other and enjoying all the little moments. Even if it means your two year old has lollipop goo all over her face :)


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