27 June 2012

Nate + Laura : Minneapolis Lifestyle Photography

Last November, I featured a little giveaway each week over on my Facebook page (ooh, yes, click here and LIKE me!) to thank my loyal and lovely fans for their support. As fate would have it, Laura won on week three and immediately emailed me to book their session for this spring. "I've been hoping for MONTHS that we could have a session with you" were the first words in her note. My heart skipped a beat and we were off and running.

I first met Nate, Laura's husband, in an English course during our undergrad at Concordia St. Paul. Obviously Nate is a million times smarter and funnier than I could ever hope to be, so of course we were friends and worked together on a few projects here and there. He's a teacher now and an outstanding runner. Remember my little running thing on the side? Yeah, Nate runs marathons and does triathlons like every day. Check out his stats here: Twin Cities Runner

And Laura? She's just about the sweetest, loveliest lady you'll ever meet. She's a teacher too and has such a heart for those little kiddos. These two celebrated their five year wedding anniversary (woohoo!) in June and when we talked about their session, they mentioned a mutual love for the outdoors, picnics,  playing music together, running and biking. We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon shooting these "love" images for them - so much fun that I'm sharing only the first half now... check back soon for part two!


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