03 November 2011

Spencer + Elizabeth @ Pracna : Minneapolis Wedding Photography

Spencer + Elizabeth did it again! After a two week vacay honeymooning in Argentina and Chile, they threw another fabulous bash to celebrate their marriage at Pracna on St. Anthony Main. Brimming with details, both vintage and contemporary, Spencer's ascot and Liz's fabulous fur shawl from mother-in-law Denise's "treasure trove" stole the show for sure!

I simply adore these two - the way he looks at her, the way she raises one eyebrow at him - makes me love love even more. They are the reason why I do what I do; their constant support of this little business will bring loads of new things your way in 2012. I mean, who brings their photographer an authentic handmade winter hat outfitted with llamas?! LOVE.

10-1-2011 will forever stand in my memory for two reasons: I ran my first 10K ever that morning and decided to start training for a 1/2 marathon in 2012. Spencer + Elizabeth gave me these fab images and we sealed our friendship for a lifetime.

From the moment we met last winter, Spencer told me had a love for black and whites. The classic photojournalism style was something he really wanted me to capture. The reception photos in this set are for you, dear Spenny. Elizabeth mentioned a desire for some very timeless images, capturing the details she so lovingly planned and executed. The beginning shots in this set are for you, my "sister" Liz. You are beyond breathtaking.

Love these images. Love both of you. Cheers to big things in 2012!


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