16 October 2011

H Family Reunion: Minneapolis/St. Paul Event Photography

I've known the H family (one branch) for the last six years - they took a chance with me, a college sophomore, when they were in need of a sitter for their then 8 year old son, 4 year old daughter and 2 week old son. I had maybe only held an infant that small twice in my life and it was always under adult supervision... yikes! But Kristi assured me she "would be back before you need to take him out of his baby seat." I suppose I passed the test because I went on to nanny for these three blonde-haired beauties countless times for countless hours for five years... they kept me on my toes and I can't begin to thank them for all they taught me about how to raise a family based in unconditional love and endless encouragement. Who knows, maybe I'll be calling Mara someday to babysit my babies :)

Once I started this photo thing for real, they kept calling. Not for a sitter, but for a photographer! I fell in love with them all over again - family portraits, Christmas cards, corporate headshots, you name it. Then, I hit the jackpot - the entire H clan at their summer family reunion!

These images can only give you a glimpse of this amazing family. Grandma's 80th birthday was the perfect time to get together and the day couldn't have been more lovely. In the short time I spent with them, it was clear how every person in this amazing group is loved and cherished, only they can fill the spot they have in the line - what a blessing!

Here's a snapshot of the amazing H family (and yes, I know their shirts are the same and all have their real last name, but you know, for the sake of the Internet and privacy :)):

[this image is an EXACT replica of a Christmas card photo from roughly 1970... the girls were taller, the boys were shorter and the clothes were way more seventies - think bell bottoms and awesome plaid shirts and glasses :)]

[when I asked the grandkids to all line up by age, the youngest (remember that 2 week old baby boy? that's him!) said to his twin cousins in classic Thomas fashion: "okay, now I think we're all six here, but who's the littlest?"]

a lovely comment I received from this family upon seeing this gem: "Mom surrounded by all her grandchildren... she never looked more beautiful." Cue the waterworks!


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