10 October 2011

A Family of Superheroes: Minneapolis/St. Paul Portrait Photography

Way back last spring, I hosted a contest on my Facebook Fan Page (hey! Like me!) in an attempt to get more fans. Maybe my self-esteem was low that day and I simply wanted more friends... but I got 'em! It went a little something like this: the 250th fan won a free photo session - and the person who referred them won one too. Funny thing was, the winner was my 6th grade teacher's husband and it was my 6th grade teacher who "referred" him! So we killed two birds with one stone and set off planning a fabulous family photo session!

As life would have it, we planned and the weather didn't cooperate. Numerous times. But they stuck with me and we had a date nailed done at the beginning of the summer. But again, as life would have it, they cancelled... little did I know, it was because they were 24 hours away from welcoming their 2nd son into the world! We waited a few weeks for the new family of four to adjust and then celebrated this little miracle at an historical train station - one of big brother Isaiah's favorite things is trains!

Dad is actually publishing his first book of awesome fiction, Failstate, due out next year! And since you "liked" me, you'd better "like" him too!

FINALLY! Here is my favorite family of superheroes:

Right before I shot the second image in this set, Isaiah was informing me that he had been to this place before (Mom said he hadn't) and I asked when. To our surprise, he said he had dreamt this exact photo last night in his dreams! The result was this ahhhhmazzzing photo of his parents cracking up and of course, Isaiah is looking adorable!

Introducing Micah:


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  1. I adore the one of Dad and Big Brother showing off their muscles.

    -stephanie jones