31 May 2012

an update: personal

I know what you're thinking: all she ever does now is post personal blogs. Isn't that what a tumblr is for? 

You're right. Sort of. 

But ever since revealing my BIG HUGE NEWS last week, I want to share some of the following changes for both me and for my business:

- Honesty and authenticity always win. I was completely overwhelmed and filled with love at the response to last week's big news. You all are the reason why I do what I do. Your stories and your willingness to allow me to capture them breathe life into these lungs and fill me in a way I could never put into words. I need to share my story in the hopes that you feel comfortable letting me tell yours too. Or even better: let's share yours together. I'll take the photos, you bring the ice cream. I promise this blog won't turn into the Xanga blog I had freshman year of college. It will be better :) Big things are in store over here... and trust me, they're going to knock your socks off. But hopefully they're already off because kids, it's finally summer in the city!

- Run every day. Not only do I feel better, but I need to. I know it's sort of a huge nerdy thing, but by a stroke of luck and blessing, I got into the Twin Cities 10 Mile in October. A race I've wanted desperately to run since last year when I crossed the 10K finish line only to realize those big shiny medals were for the 10 milers and the marathoners. But before then? Half marathon in August. Better start pounding that pavement! Who's with me? 

- Keep breathing. Keep swimming. Keep stopping and noticing things. Like how the light streams through my window in the morning at just the perfect balance of time between "restful sleep" and "oversleeping." And guess what? I have an internal alarm clock. Unless there's a need to set one, I'll hope to never wake up to an annoying beep again. Or even better, I'll wake up thankful and grateful to have another day, instead of dreading it. 

- In this new phase of life, I'm learning to give a hearty "yes" to adventure and breathe deeply. In one week, I've seen my big dream come true, I traveled to Wisconsin and back, loved on two kiddos that steal my heart every time I see them, sang at the top of my lungs with the windows down, walked around with a coffee in one hand and a smile in the other and had a leisurely dinner with one of my besties. And yes, I use the word bestie. A lot. 

All this being said, I'm leaving on a jet plane. Again! This time for a much-needed family vacation to the southwest. Packing only bathing suits, books and expecting to continue that breathe-deeply thing. I'll be "out of the office" until June 13.

Most important thing to remember: when all else fails, just eat cake. 


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