20 May 2012

Brian + Alena: Destination Engagement Photography

Can you call it "destination" when you're setting up shop at your grandparents' and shoot two "gigs" in the town you were born in? Absolutely!

I met Brian in high school when we were parts one and two of the God Squad, planning twice-weekly chapels, service projects, praise band lineups and in general, being awesome. We had a blast and looking back, it's one of those times when we were a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Fast forward a few lightyears and Brian contacts me to photograph his wedding to the lovely Alena! The story just keeps getting better when we made plans to meet in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to document their engagement. I was completely fascinated by these two - their easy-going, patient love that is so comfortable and strong. The way Brian can make her giggle at the drop of a hat or the way Alena just has to give him that one look. Completely in love!

Making their home in Iowa, Sioux Falls is the site of their first official date: sharing breakfast at the Diner, book looking at the Book Shop and the sparks started flying. I loved this session for two reasons: Brian + Alena completely trusted me with their story, knowing we would create some fabulous images AND I was challenged to photograph in a place that was somewhat unfamiliar. YAY!

I had the best afternoon with these two and can't wait for their June wedding here in Mpls - my first of the season and it's sure to be filled with love, family and friends; three of my all-time favorite things!


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