23 March 2011

Ashley + Corey: Minneapolis Maternity Session

10+ years ago, Ashley and Corey started dating, after attending grade school, middle school and entering high school together. They were one of those couples that just rolled off the tongue, "AshleyandCorey." They just jived together, always laughing, always super cute couple dance photos. I went to school with them throughout this entire time and saw their friendship blossom into a relationship.

After high school, they were inseparable and I saw them almost every week, Corey playing the drums for worship team and Ashley and I singing... well, pretending to at least :)

Four years ago, they got married. They asked me to photograph their wedding and they are the reason I'm doing this whole wedding photographer gig. Not even in photography school yet, I didn't have a digital SLR until a month before their wedding. In fact, I bought it FOR the wedding. They trusted me 110% and everything went perfectly. Their family and friends were completely in the moment all day long and willing to hike all over Ashley + Corey's favorite spot in the Cities, for them, for love.

And now... these lovebirds are adding to their nest! When I heard they were expecting, I was THRILLED! And instantly begged Ashley to let me document this next phase. Yay! She said yes :)

After receiving the news the night before the session that Ashley was to be on strict bedrest, we took these images around their home. I loved this session just for that reason -- Ashley and Corey bought this house and completely redid everything in it! Corey is Mr. Home Repair and Painter Extraordinaire and with Ashley as his "contractor," this house is such a home filled with love.

Baby Boy will hopefully cook for a few more weeks and then join his cutie parents in this home... and hopefully as he grows, I'll be there to document it!

Thanks, Ashley + Corey for a lovely morning and enjoy your images!


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