17 April 2012

2012: This is Your Year

I have a confession to make: I've been keeping you all out of the loop. I've been lax in my posting, lax in my honesty and authenticity.

So here I go, making a 1/4th of the way through 2012 resolution - starting now, I'm going to be real on this blog. I know it's photography based, business based, YOUR story based. But I can't hide from the fact that your stories affect me. Your laughs and smiles and voices affect me deep down in my core. I leave every session with this mammoth smile on my face, rushing home (okay, I speed, how's that for honesty?) to load your images on the computer because I just can't wait to see more of the magic that we made together. 

But in order to be a better photographer, a better business woman, a better woman in general, I have to tell you my stories too. There is nothing better in life than a reciprocal relationship - one where you give just as much as I do and vice versa. 

There's a lot on my plate for the rest of 2012, but in order for you to understand where we're going, I need to catch up a little bit first. Are you ready?

Fear faced: I went running. In shorts. Outside. People saw. I ran faster. Record time!

Family: we drove 10 hours to Deadwood, South Dakota to witness a marriage that to this moment, still has me on my knees thanking Jesus for allowing me to witness that promise. And we saw Mt. Rushmore. Looks a little smaller when you're about 18 years older but still, truly majestic. The 3 full days I spent with my three favorite people ever are 3 days I pray I won't forget or ever take for granted.

The Plan: God revealed a little bit more about the person He wants me to be: a motivator. So sure, I make signs to encourage my friends and I post them on Instagram. For all you ladies and gents out there that need a little push, this sign's for you too.

Another fear faced: as part of my half marathon training, I ran 10 miles. For fun. I did not collapse. No one was chasing me. I did not die. I thrived. My knee didn't cramp up, I didn't get a mammoth side ache. I lived. And then, I kind of wanted to do it again. 

Friends: reciprocal relationships take work. Oh gosh, they take work. They take understanding and love and compassion and respect. And really, a whole lotta communication. Marissa is that person for me. You'll be seeing her soon on this blog, but really, you should watch out world. Because she's going to be doing some real big things. And you're going to wish you could call her your bestie. I'm grateful everyday because I can.

Commitment: Easter Sunday is one of my favorite days of the whole year. This year was no different. I felt God's calling stronger and more evident than ever before (more on this later!). The best part? We had a chocolate fondue fountain at the youth breakfast. Even better? My baby brother ditched our Mom and sat by me during worship. Best. Easter. Ever.


So there it is. A little catch up. There's a lot more coming this way. Big changes, big life-changing sorts of things. But all in all, I've learned over the last few months this one simple truth (courtesy of the beautiful ladies of Making Things Happen):

Honesty and Authenticity Always Win.

I know I've made this my mantra... will you make it yours?


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