15 May 2011

Kate, class of 2011: Minneapolis/ St. Paul Portrait Photographer

My besties are always trying their hardest to promote my little bizz to the people they know -- and it has always, without fail, turned out GREAT! So when Kate came my way, I knew her session would be stunning and fabulous, just like her!

I know all of us here in the Midwest couldn't wait for our high school senior photo session, but apparently in AZ, the multiple outfit changes and cool (at the time) poses weren't all that and so poor Kate never had senior photos taken! She'll be graduating a few weeks from now from graduate school and will soon be off to conquer the world and wanted to celebrate the end of this academic journey.

You know you've made a friend when she opens her car and five pairs of shoes come flying out, along with a vintage trunk of jewels and uber trendy cheetah print threads and she says, "I know you said to bring options, so I did and I hope that's okay..." and you're standing there, thanking your lucky stars! I absolutely adore when clients allow me to style their shoot and Kate was totally along for the ride -- she even wore my magic silver belt in a few shots!

Of course the weather wasn't too cooperative, but Kate took everything in stride and did so flawlessly. We HAD to do some cheesy poses just for tradition's-sake but ultimately ended up with some headshots for resumes and fab Facebook profile photos :)

Here's Kate!

When your clients think you're hilarious, it makes it SO much more fun! Thanks to Kate, I've begun perfecting my list of jokes that work and... don't work :)

Thanks to these guys for making us laugh on such a chilly day! One of the ladies was even so nice as to let Kate have a ride :)



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